cisco 2951/k9

Cisco 2951 with 3 onboard GE, 4 EHWIC slots, 3 DSP slots, 1 ISM slot, 256MB CF default, 512MB DRAM default, IP Base

cisco 2951/k9



Embedded Hardware-Based Cryptography and Acceleratio:yes

Cisco Unified SRST Sessions:250

Total Onboard WAN 10/100/1000 Ports:3

RJ-45-Based Ports:3

SFP-Based Ports (use of SFP port disables the corresponding RJ-45 port):1

Service Module Slots:2

EHWIC Slots:4

Onboard DSP (PVDM) Slots:3

Memory DDR2 ECC DRAM - Default:512 mb

Power-Supply Options:AC,DC.POE